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How does 2todrive work?

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How many lessons do I need?

An average student needs between 30 and 35 times 90 minutes of lessons. There are, of course, exceptions to this. It also depends on the student's talent and enthusiasm.

When can I take the exam?

If you are in possession of your theory certificate, you can request the IntermediateTime Test, you discuss with your instructor whether you can also request your exam immediately and how many weeks can be between your TTT and exam.

Can I drive abroad?

No, with a 2todrive driving licence you can only drive in the Netherlands until you have turned 18

What is a companion card?

If you participate in 2toDrive, you need a companion pass. You can apply for this pass from the age of 16.5. Your coaches register themselves first. As soon as all your coaches have registered, you can apply for the supervisor's pass yourself. The pass contains the names of your coaches. The pass ensures that you can take the road together with your driver's licence and your coach from the age of 17.

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