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Are you looking for a reliable and professional driving school in The Hague and surroundings? Verkeersschool De Ridder offers various driving licences, theory courses and high success rates. In addition, we are one of the few driving schools in The Hague to be a member of BOVAG with a quality mark.

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Which driver licence suits you?

Of course it is possible to get your driving licence from us, but that is by no means all. You can also contact us for your motorcycle, scooter or trailer driving licence.

There are also different types of packages available for these driving licences, all at a very advantageous rate. You can get your driving licence from 950 euros, this package includes theory course, books, TTT, practical exam and 5 lessons of 90 minutes.

Theory course at Verkeersschool de Ridder

Some students find it difficult to prepare independently for their theory exam and enjoy getting something from a classroom lesson. At our location in The Hague on Badhuisweg, a new theory course starts every month, you can register for this from the age of 16!
The theory course is available for car, motorcycle and scooter.

Our team

All our instructors are aware of the latest developments and try to keep you well informed about everything that is happening on the road. The instructors are professionally trained and ensure that you feel safe in traffic at all times, whether this applies in the car, on the motorcycle or on a scooter.

About De Ridder

The instructors are responsible for your safety and will do everything they can to help you get your driver’s licence in a safe way.

"Get the most out of yourself with patience and professionalism"

Mag ik al praktijkles hebben voordat ik theorie heb gehaald?

Nee, helaas, je moet eerst de regels kennen voordat je de weg op mag

Moet ik me medisch laten keuren voor het brommer rijbewijs?

Nee, voor de brommer hoef je geen medische keuring te doen

Mag ik een autorijbewijs omzetten naar een brommer rijbewijs?

Ja dat mag zeker zonder examen te doen maar dan mag je geen auto meer rijden.

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