Learning the theory can be done in 2 ways:


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Do I already have to have the theory certificate to drive?

No, you can certainly already start with practical lessons because the instructor is the legal director. Experience has shown that the combination of theory and practice is often the most effective.

Am I allowed on a moped or motorcycle if I have not done any theory?

No, that is really not allowed, you must first know the rules and have the certificate in your pocket before you can take lessons and take a practical exam.

From what age can I take a theory exam?

For the moped, you can take a theory exam from 15.5 years so that you can go straight for the practice at the age of 16. For the car, you can take a theory exam from the age of 16.5 so that you can immediately go for the practical exam when you are 17. You can take lessons from the age of 16.5.

How long is a theory certificate valid?

A theory certificate is valid for 1.5 years. Please provide an overview with links that you want to keep from the news items. Simply copying from your browser is sufficient. Up to 30.

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