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Do you have autism and do you want to get your driver’s licence? If you have autism and want to get your driver’s licence, you need special guidance. We can offer you this. For example, our instructors are trained to work with students with autism and they can deal with the circumstances. We ensure that driving lessons and driving conditions are as familiar and safe as possible.

In this way our students can get used to the situation more easily and have the opportunity to gain experience. We also help you with the process to request a practical exam.

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Application for the practical exam

There is a special procedure for applying for a practical exam for students with Autism. Below we explain exactly what you must do before a practical exam can be requested by us at the CBR:

Pay attention!! New rule with Adhd and Add you no longer have to make a report if you had a diagnosis before the age of 16 and are not taking any medication

  1. Complete the Health Declaration in full, this can be done online at mijncbr.nl
  2. Wait for an answer from the CBR whether you should see a doctor or not “.
  3. The CBR assesses your fitness to drive on the basis of the declaration of health and the inspection report.
  4. If you are suitable, you will be personally approached by the CBR for a driving test.
  5. If the driving test is positive, you will receive a written decision from the CBR that you are fit to drive. The traffic school can request the practical exam.

Good to know

  • It is important that the examination is done by a specialist who is independent, knows the driving licence requirements well and has knowledge of autism spectrum disorders. You can therefore only choose a specialist who has been designated for this by the CBR.
  • The specialist must offer you the opportunity to view the inspection report in advance and to correct any factual inaccuracies.
  • You pay the driver’s licence inspection yourself with the specialist. The CBR has no influence on the price. The maximum rates for driving licence inspections are set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). More information about this can be found at www.nza.nl.


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