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Pass your scooter theory exam

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scooter theory

If you want to take driving lessons for your scooter driving licence, you will first need to pass the scooter theory exam. At Rijschool de Ridder, you will quickly pass the scooter theory through our private lessons because books are not available.

Quickly pass your scooter theory

You can take the scooter theory exam once you are 15.5 years old, so you will be able to start practicing scooter theory once you are 15 years old. Driving School De Ridder will be happy to assist you with your theory learning material and, if required, with private lessons. The problem is there are no books available so please contact us because you need those private lessons.

Once you have obtained the scooter theory certificate, you will be able to start taking driving lessons. It is important that you always bring your scooter theory certificate and an ID card when taking lessons and when taking the practice exam, otherwise you will not be allowed to get on a scooter.


Scooter theory exam and validity

The scooter theory exam is taken at the CBR (Dutch Central Driver’s Licence Agency). It consists of 50 questions, of which you need to answer at least 44 correctly. Your scooter theory certificate remains valid for 1.5 years.

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